200461 - Damon Hill Mounted Colour Photo Personally Signed



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Damon Hill Mounted Colour Photo Personally Signed

SIGNED COLLECTABLES: When items are described as Personally Signed or Hand Signed that means exactly that….. They are NOT printed, nor auto pen signatures. All of our Signed Collectables are guaranteed 100% genuine and in some instances we can tell you exactly when and where they were signed. Most of our Signed Collectables originate from AFTAL and UACC Registered trade dealers (two of the most respected autograph trade associations in the World) and every signed item we sell is supplied with A Certificate of Authenticity and a Lifetime Guarantees

We guarantee 100% that they are Personally Signed and are NEVER Printed, Facsimilie or Auto-Pen Signatures.

Multi Signed Item like a Shirt/Ball or Photo – Will come complete with an individual Map of the particular item highlighting exactly who has signed and identifies where they have signed.

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